Coaching and Training

Prior to becoming a comedian Dave devised and delivered training courses in local government. Topics included presentation skills, staff coaching, health and safety, assertiveness and interviewing skills.

The Frog and Bucket comedy club in Manchester approached him to create and deliver a 6 week course in stand-up comedy. Since expanded to 8 weeks (2-hour sessions on Saturday afternoons) the course has been very well-received and has run 16 times with more booked.

Dave also offers one-to-one coaching sessions for people looking to develop their material or stagecraft.

“Dave Williams has done a fantastic job with our Comedy course and brings the best out in each and every student, builds their confidence and knowledge ensuring they all have a great showcase.  He’s very popular with all the students and makes time for each of them individually but is also able to create a great group environment too.”  Jessica Toomey, Director, Frog and Bucket.

Some comments from course members:

“The course allowed a shy, quiet person to come out of their shell and deliver a 6 minute stand-up routine to a crowd of strangers. Dave, the Frog, and the rest of the group were all bloody brilliant. One of the best decisions of my life was taking this course.”

“Dave was excellent, very helpful and it was a pleasure to be part of the course.”

“Dave the tutor was awesome, and classmates made it a fun course.”

“The Frog and Bucket comedy course is a must for those wanting to do stand-up comedy. Presented by Dave Williams, an absolute master of his art, and delivered in a friendly, supportive environment, this course is without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

“After years of being a frustrated, aspiring comedian I took the Frog and Bucket Comedy Course and now I’m a frustrated, actual comedian. If you’ve ever thought that you might want to try comedy then the course is a fantastic peek behind the curtain and it has started me and others on a path that has led to fulfilling dreams of performing on some of the best comedy stages in the country.”